Solution: Digital bank for materials. Owner: Upcyclea. Circular Strategy: Recycling and Reuse.

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Upcyclea is a cloud platform that connects waste material producers and companies or people that could reuse these materials. This is based on location and for a discount price. The focus is on making use of out used construction materials.


Paris, France.

Potential circular economy impact

Upcyclea prevents products and construction materials from ending in landfill. Instead enabling these to become a secondary raw material. This decreases the need of virgin raw materials for construction.

What’s involved?

People: Developers, general contractors, real state owners and local authorities, deconstruction waste auditors.

Resources: Website; construction materials.

Technology: Platform to host the website.

Implementation: Raising awareness among construction developers, landowners, and contractors to use the platform..

More information

Upcyclea website