What's in Season - August

Kitche 19th August 2022

Why eat what's in season?

Eating seasonally means buying and eating food when it’s at its best. This means buying foods that are ripe and ready at this time of year and those that can be sourced locally. More benefits to eating seasonally include: 

  • Helping the environment: more energy is needed to transport and store food that hasn’t been sourced locally, creating more emissions.
  • Saving money: seasonal food is usually in good supply, meaning it won’t cost as much.
  • Supporting your local economy and small-scale farmers.
  • Providing you with fresher, longer-lasting food: seasonal food is fresher, which makes it more delicious and nutritious, and lasts longer – meaning less food wasted!

What tasty recipes can you make from the food in season this month? 

List of seasonal foods in August

Save money and reduce food waste

Looking for more tips on how to make the most of food? Download the free Kitche App to save money and reduce the food you throw away. Users of the app can scan receipts, create shopping lists and track food they have at home. Also, the app customises recipe recommendations to what you have in your fridge and cupboards – making it extra easy for you to use everything up.

Don't forget to add the seasonal foods listed above to your ‘At Home’ or ‘Shopping List’ in the app!