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Project partners will develop a series of behaviour change pilots to help residents reduce their waste. They will engage 78,000 individuals by the end of the project.

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Food for thought text with globe in background

'Food for Thought' was a series of interactive virtual sessions hosted by the Circular Economy & Strategy team at Essex County Council, intended to start discussions with residents around food waste and offer solutions to common obstacles that lead to food being wasted.

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Clothes on a rail

The design and creation of a ‘freecycle starter kit’ which acted as a self-serving tool for anyone in Kent (and beyond) to use to reduce the number of clothes going to landfill.

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Reusable period products

This project was to provide over 300 residents with a choice of reusable period products. Partners engaged in a variety of methods to educate residents, resulting in continued use of reusables.

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Kitche slogan in front of fruit

BLUEPRINT teamed up with Kitche and Love Essex to promote their free, food-saving app. This provided Essex residents with tools and resources to save money and prevent food being wasted at home. 

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School children standing in a line

An online platform where schools could access free resources on the circular economy.  This was carried out in collaboration with Common Seas and Kids Against Plastic, who run the Plastic Clever Schools (PCS) program.