What’s in Season - July

Kitche 29th June 2022

Why eat what's in season?

There are many benefits from buying and consuming seasonal foods, these include:

  • Helping the environment: more energy is needed to transport, refrigerate and store food that arrives from afar.
  • Saving money: seasonal food is usually in abundance and doesn’t travel as far, which means it will cost less.
  • Supporting your local economy and small-scale farmers.
  • Fresher food: seasonal food is fresher, which makes it more delicious and nutritious.
  • Longer lasting: seasonal food also lasts longer, so less will end up being wasted.

List of foods that are in season July

What delicious recipes can you make from the seasonal foods listed above? 

Save money and reduce food waste

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Don't forget to add the seasonal foods listed above to your ‘At Home’ or ‘Shopping list’ in the app, simply copy and paste this list into the manual add.