Brighton BLUEPRINT Champions

Community champions in Brighton & Hove will work alongside the city council. They will engage with households through a series of mini pilot schemes.

Our community champions will play an important part in helping to increase recycling. They will inspire their neighbourhoods and help to change people’s behaviour around recycling.

Here are some of the community champion activities:

  • Show people what they can recycle and how to do it.
  • Become part of a network to help people cut down on the amount they throw away. This could include repair workshops, sharing resources and ‘swap shops’.
  • Show residents how to recycle textiles, electronics and household waste.
  • Share tips for reducing food waste.
  • Show people how to use a compost bin and join communal composting schemes.
  • Contribute articles for social media, websites, newsletters and local press.
  • Help keep track of the success of the project. They will be part of the team that asks people about their experience of local schemes and knowledge.

Community champions will also share information about the circular economy. They will help their communities understand how they can reduce waste, reuse material and repair items. 

Each of the champions will share information with at least 20 other people and have the opportunity to collaborate with other volunteers.