Kent Coffee Cup Recycling Project

Many cafes and coffee-selling outlets in Kent are investing money in compostable or recyclable drink cups. While this is a well-meaning positive step, most cups still end up in general waste bins due to a combination of factors, including:

  • Waste collection infrastructure
  • Customer behaviour
  • Availability of recycling bins in town centres
  • Consumer knowledge gap

This pilot project aims to reduce waste and contamination through sustainable solutions. The pilot will also educate consumers, change customer behaviour (e.g. by encouraging people to “drink in”) and support the local economy. 

The Kent Coffee Cup Project will be a collaboration between coffee-selling outlets such as Garage Roasted , Produced in Kent and local supply chains. The partnership is working to develop:

  • Paper cups that can be recycled kerbside
  • Public coffee cup reuse/recycling campaign
  • Dedicated paper collection infrastructure
  • Replicable solutions for other ‘disposable’ items

Stay tuned with Kent Green Action for updates on this exciting new project.