Project description

PECT’s RE-Directory identified services, projects and events across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire that practiced circular economy principles including repair shops, reuse centres/stores, recycling points, upcycling projects etc. These were featured on the RE-Directory. Users can access the directory for free to find relevant services.


To encourage the spread of circular economy principles through online engagement, making finding circular services more accessible.

Target audience

A digital audience based on residents across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.


Set up from September 2021, ongoing.


Digital, hosted on PECT website.

Who was involved in this project?

Lead organisation: PECT.

Organisation contact

[email protected]


Project Coordinator.

Other stakeholders involved

Procured services include web development and printing.

Where was the project piloted and why?

Online platform, featuring services across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, digital engagement has increased considerably. Many people are now better equipped to explore and use digital services, whilst many organisations have taken advantage of the new digital awareness to spread awareness of their own topics.

Why was the project created?

Why we did the project

PECT’s online RE-Directory was a way to share and signpost residents to local circular services via an online platform. It’s free and easy to use and allows users to identify services that enable them to reduce waste, reuse and repair their items, and recycle more.

Expected value to the circular economy

Increasing awareness and adding value to the CE by promoting and encouraging residents to local services that practice circularity.

How was the project implemented?

  • Brief drafted and shared with web designer.
  • Web designer created page with 2 x rounds of reviews.
  • PECT team connected with and identified organisations to be featured.
  • Continued promotion to encourage organisations to self-feature.

Cost and staff resource

  • £3,072 (inc. VAT) web development.
  • 200 (inc. VAT) design and print of stickers.
  • 1 x Project Coordinator to draft and liaise with developer.
  • Ongoing time: 1 hour a week to identify and upload new features.


Compliance to the funder’s branding guidance to be checked with the lead communications officer at Essex County Council and was compliant with flat management teams and resident flat directors.


Website analytics were used to monitor the traffic and usage of the platform.



Since September 2021, the RE-Directory has received:

  • 1,170 page views
  • average of 2 minutes 45 seconds spent on the site
  • bounce rate of 66%

Lessons learnt

The strengths of the pilot have been:

  • the engagement being direct and personalised, made the featured businesses feel more secure and understand more about its aim
  • makes it easier for residents to find all local sustainable businesses in one place
  • offering the window cling and informing businesses that they are featured in this platform for free, increased its engagement 

The weaknesses of the pilot have been:

  • getting views into the platform proved difficult, even with direct communication 
  • research for sustainable ideas was very time consuming and sometimes, ineffective
  • difficult to analyze why peak views on the website were reached

How we could further improve and remove barriers:

  • create a loyalty scheme where residents would win points with each purchase from the featured business to increase levels and win perks
  • offer an initial consultation to the interested featured business on how to further enhance their sustainability ideas


  • Featuring greenwashing businesses. 
  • Featuring ideas that cease to exist or change without being updated.