5 Things To Love About Cloth Nappies

Carla Johnson, Love Essex Senior Circular Economy Officer 15th March 2022

Cloth nappies have come a long way from the terry squares your parents or grandparents might have used. If you’re looking for an easy way to start your sustainable parenting journey, read on to find out why the Love Essex team loves cloth nappies.

They look cute

Cloth nappies come in so many different patterns and colours. If you have a special event coming up, you can pick and mix to match outfits, or just have fun with different patterns.

bébé en couche
There are so many cute designs available for your little ones.
Cloth nappies can save up to one tonne of waste per year

If you use cloth nappies all the time, you can save an entire tonne of disposable nappies from ending up in landfill. Disposable nappies are made of plastic which means they sit in landfill for hundreds of years, and even though they break into smaller pieces they will never fully rot away. In fact, if Queen Elizabeth I had thrown away a disposable nappy, elements would still be in landfill today!

Pile de couches
Send less plastic waste to landfill by swapping to reusable nappies.
You don’t have to fork out for brand new nappies 

If you want to buy brand new nappies, that’s great! But you can also borrow nappies from fantastic volunteer-run nappy libraries in Chelmsford, East Essex, and Epping. These cost a small amount, but Essex residents can claim the money back from Love Essex too! You can also buy pre-loved nappies and sell them one once you’ve finished, meaning you can save even more money and recoup some of the cost.

Femmes avec des bébés
Try out nappy library services before you commit.
They can save you money

By using cloth nappies you could save up to £1000 per child, which even takes into account the cost of cleaning the reusable nappies. If you have more than one child, you can use the cloth nappies again and again. Love Essex also runs a cashback offer for Essex residents. If you spend £30 on buying or hiring a cloth nappy, they’ll send you £30 cashback!

Main avec de l'argent
You can make a huge saving when switching from disposable to reusable nappies.
You can use them to suit your lifestyle

Saving the most important point to last. You don’t need to use cloth nappies 24/7 to still have a big impact on the environment. Even using one cloth nappy a day will save 365 disposables from ending up in landfill. Some people stick to cloth nappies at home and use disposables out and about; others use cloth nappies in the daytime and use a disposable at night for peace of mind. Plenty of people use cloth nappies all the time too. The choice really is yours!

If you like the sound of cloth nappies check out Love Essex’s cloth nappy pages for more information and advice, or contact your local nappy library. We also think cloth nappies are so great that we will give you £30 cashback for buying or borrowing nappies (this includes pre-loved items and using cloth nappy libraries).

Papa et fils
Every little helps! Try to do your bit and fit reusable nappies into your lifestyle.