Do More, Waste Less: CVs for Jobs in a Greener Economy


This module provides a useful first step to understanding how one can demonstrate their skills, interests, and experiences and create an impactful CV to showcase them. This module is aimed at supporting learners to feel confident about entering into the world of work/accelerating their employment journey.

The objectives of this module are:

  • To recognise the differences between the types of applications they will be making.
  • To identify the “do’s” and “don’ts” on CVs.
  • To review the purpose and structure of a CV.
  • To explore online platforms to promote learners CVs and improve their job search.

This module is for job seekers and those wanting to improve their job prospects by honing their CV development skills. As well as for those wanting to work in an environmentally focused organisation or for businesses that are seeking to improve their environmental impact.


Delivered by a range of local organisations across Kent; Brighton & Hove; Essex and Peterborough, online.

Module length

2 hours.


To register, please email: