The present and future of the textiles & clothing circular economy

Insights in re-use, recycling, repair and waste prevention impacts from the BLUEPRINT Project.

This BLUEPRINT Project brief explores the circular economy of clothing & textiles in England and France. It covers insights in the current state of re-use and recycling to compare both countries, and provides a forward-looking perspective as to the benefits of a circular economy in terms of reduced waste flows and jobs generated. Currently still 45% and 39% of clothes are landfilled or incinerated in England and France, respectively. Our envisioned future is one where 3 out of 4 pieces of clothing and textiles are acquired from re-use and recycling, and where we generate 40% less clothing waste thanks to repair, re-use and waste prevention. This would lead to up to 5000 additional circular economy jobs across South and South-East England and Northern France.

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