Atelier Bara'mel

Solution: Animal feed made from unsold bakery goods.   Owner: Trajet et l’association Pain contre la Faim.   Strategy: Repurpose.

Croissants on plateDescription

Atelier Bara'mel is an initiative by the French NGO “Trajet et l’association Pain contre la Faim”. They hire unemployed and disabled people, as well as those who receive welfare benefits. The individuals collect unsold bread and pastries from bakeries and then sort, cut and dry the products, before turning them into breadcrumbs used for animal feed.


Operating in Nantes (Brittany) and sold to agricultural cooperatives.


  • 44 employees
  • 1 tonne of bread collected each day
  • Products collected from 300 bakeries per year

Potential circular economy impact

This solution repurposes food that would have otherwise gone to waste. It also has a positive social impact, offering employment and building skills.

What’s involved?

People: Drivers; staff to treat the food.

Resources: Collection vehicle; space to store food; space to treat food; packaging for animal feed.

Technology: Bread grinding machinery.  

Implementation: Evaluating the availability of surplus bread; establishment an agreement with bakeries; access to a treatment site/space; agreement with farmers or agricultural cooperatives.

More information

Atelier Bara'mel website