Atelier Extramouros

Solution: Creates custom furniture from reclaimed wood. Owner: Atelier Extramuros. Circular Strategy: Recycling.

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The organisation creates and designs furniture using the principles of upcycling. All the products are produced with the circular economy and an eco-design in mind. The raw materials used to create the furniture come, either directly on site, waste sorting centres, at the customer's premises, or in the form of a donation.


Gennevilliers, France.


Small, about 12 employees.

Potential circular economy impact

The aim of the organisation is to transform wood that would otherwise be incinerated into sustainable furniture. The company also tries to help with professional integration. It does this by training its employees in carpentry and craftsmanship.

What’s involved?

People: Staff to organise orders and delivery; carpenters and designers with a good knowledge in design and woodwork; website developer/designer.

Resources: Trucks for collection of wood and delivery of final item; packaging for the item; a warehouse for storage; a workshop for carpentry work; tools for woodwork.

Technology: Website for users to place orders and view the different design and styles that can be created; machinery for processing reclaimed wood and other tools used to create the final product.

Implementation: Establish an agreement with a recycling facility to collect wood that would otherwise be classed as waste; source wood that would otherwise be thrown away; design and woodwork experts use the reclaimed wood; find companies and other clients that would be interested in buying the product.

More information

Atelier Extramuros website