Solution: Connected collection point. Owner: Axibio. Circular Strategy: Recycle.

Food waste


This system is based on “connected” voluntary drop-off containers. Users bringing their bio-bucket will identify themselves and be able to see the amount of waste they have deposited. Then, the biowaste will be taken to a sorting centre and then a recycling centre where it will be converted into biogas or compost. 


rue de Garches 92210 Saint-Cloud

Potential circular economy impact

This activity could assist with the sorting at source of biowaste, allowing energy recovery (biogas) and the recovery of matter (compost, digestate).

What’s involved?

People: Local authorities and users. 

Technology: Connected voluntary drop-off point terminal (with innovative access control with or without weighing); individual badge for users.

Implementation: Contact Axibio for an accurate estimate and to calibrate the solution to meet the needs of the community; raise the public awareness.

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