Solution: Local methanisation system. Owner: BioBeeBox. Circular Strategy: Recycle.

Food waste


Local methanisation system which can be installed in 24h and is not subject to any burdensome regulations (except ICPE - Classified Installations for Environmental Protection). From a technical point of view, production involves grinding, hygienisation, methanisation, cogeneration and composting.


Espace Garonne
5 avenue Jean Alfonséa
33270 Floirac

Potential circular economy impact

This change will reduce waste volumes, increase housing dynamism and improve the management of waste within the region.

What’s involved?

People: Individuals.

Technology: Methanisation unit.

Implementation: Put in place voluntary drop-off points; purchases of transport vehicles; raise awareness of biowaste among stakeholders; inform the stakeholders involved about the waste stocks of raw material; initiate and/or consider measures relating to the implementation of energy recovery in a region.

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