Blue Bin Recycling League

Solution: Recycling campaign. Owner: Oxford City Council. Strategy: Recycle.

Zoomed it on hands moving plastic tub into recycling bin


Led by Oxford City Council, this campaign encouraged proper sorting of packaging recycling waste. Education and awareness initiatives also helped residents to waste less.

The campaign ran for five years. It included door knocking, social media campaigns, student engagement and the use of a mascot.




In five years, the campaign:

  • engaged with 20,000 households (1/3 of the city)
  • held 6,000 doorstep conversations
  • received 8,000 pledges to recycle better
  • clocked 100 school visits (nursery, primary, secondary and college)
  • ran 300 roadshows and presentations
  • gave 120 resident prizes worth up to £100
  • awarded 36 community prizes of £400 and eight community prizes of £1,000.

Potential circular economy impact:

This campaign raised awareness around packaging waste and recycling. Recycling rates increased by five percent by the end of the campaign.

The campaign covered a large area of the city, meaning many members of the community could benefit from its outputs. This included residents from different backgrounds and age groups.

What’s involved?

People: Volunteers; ambassadors; waste and recycling officers; communications officers; residents.

Resources: Prizes; campaign materials; mascot; digital assets.

Technology: Online platforms.

Implementation: Engaging volunteers; visiting schools; visiting households; organising presentations; campaign launch, event planning; prize giving.

More information

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