By Rotation

Solution: Platform to reuse clothes. Owner: By Rotation. Strategy: Reuse.

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By Rotation enables users to list and browse clothing items to rent. The app is a modern peer-to-peer marketplace, allowing users to earn or spend money.

After renting out an item, the lender arranges an in-person collection or first-class delivery. At the end of the period (min. one day), the renter returns the item.

By Rotation acts as the middle service operator, providing:

  • Lender verification
  • User review options
  • Optional dry cleaning in between rents
  • Dispute management

By Rotation caters for mid-luxury to luxury fashion. This means that high street labels and lower cost brands cannot be listed on the app.


UK-wide with international expansion plans.


100,000 users as of October 2021.

Potential circular economy impact

This solution increases the number of times a garment is worn before being disposed of. It creates value from unworn clothes and encourages renting, sharing and reuse.

It offers renters an affordable way to access luxury fashion. It also enables lenders to earn money from clothing they don’t use.

What's involved?

People: App developers; app users

Resources: Clothes

Technology: A smartphone application or website

Implementation: Feasibility evaluation; app development.

More information

By Rotation website