The Carbon Literacy Project

Solution: Training offered to reduce carbon emissionsOwner: The Carbon Literacy Project. Circular Strategy: Reduce.

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The Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) aims to enable action to reduce carbon emission through learning, supporting individuals to identify and reduce the carbon impacts of their daily activities. With guidance from CLP, organisations can create their own accredited training course, either for colleagues or individuals.

Carbon literate individuals will also have the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.




Almost 40,000 citizens trained globally.

Potential circular economy impact

Creating knowledge and identifying how an individual’s activities contribute to climate change.

What’s involved?

People: Training and development; colleagues to design training and work with the CLP.

Technology: Website.

Implementation: Online learning; commitment to a ‘carbon pledge’ on reducing emissions; certification.

More information 

The Carbon Literacy Project Website