Carton Plein

Solution: Provider of boxes for moving. Owner: Carton Plein. Strategy: Reuse.

Stack of cardboard boxes in white room


Carton Plein sells used cardboard boxes for moving home and offers moving-out services by bike. They also make cardboard flakes and other protective materials from cardboard that is no longer reusable.

The organisation supports social and professional inclusion. They hire staff that are homeless, have no qualifications or receive benefits. 


Paris and Nanterre, France


This solution employed around 50 people in 2018.

Potential circular economy impact

This solution enables the reuse of cardboard packaging instead of disposing or recycling. It also ensured boxes will have a prolonged life, rather than just being used a few times.

Since moving home is not a very frequent activity, this solution saves money on cardboard boxes.

What’s involved?

People: Staff to deliver/collect/sort/process boxes; users of the service.

Resources: Cardboard boxes; a warehouse; tools for processing the boxes that are no longer reusable.

Technology: A platform for selling boxes and organising collection and delivery.

Implementation: Evaluating collection methods; staff onboarding; platform to sell boxes; platform to organise collection.

More information

Carton Plein Website