Circular Economy Hub

Solution: Information and awareness of the circular economy. Owner: Love Essex. Circular Strategy: Reduce.

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Using a survey to understand circular economy awareness within ECC. Exploring what people are doing that supports a circular economy, identifying barriers and challenges to a circular economy, understanding how best to engage colleagues on the circular economy, and lastly, sharing best practice and inspiration across the organisation.




194 participants.

Potential circular economy impact

Insight shared by colleagues was collated and analysed resulting in 20 recommendations that would support a move to a more circular economy at Essex County Council (ECC). Most of the recommendation were around circular economy awareness and understanding, which will be improved by information via newsletters and an E-learning modules, available to all ECC colleagues. Other recommendations required more planning such as working with facilities management.

What’s involved?

People: Staff for logistics; creating survey; analysis of survey.

Resources: Survey questions. Download a copy of the ECC Circular Economy Hub survey questions in the PDF below.

Technology: Survey platformslaptops.

Implementation: Survey creation; sending out survey; collating and analysing results; sharing results; provide recommendations and learning on how to improve an individual’s circular economy.

More information

Email Love Essex at [email protected]

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