The Company Shop Group

Solution: Redistributing surplus food and household products.   Owner: Company Shop Group.   Strategy: Reduce.

Woman in face mask looking at lemon in supermarket aisle


Company Shop operates across the UK. Its stores resell surplus food from approved retailers at a discounted price. Retailers include Lidl, Waitrose, Asda and Marks & Spencer.

The business comprises two operations:

  • The Company Shop (retail operation) is open to pension recipients
  • The Community Shop is a social enterprise. It is open to those in the immediate vicinity and those receiving government benefits.





Potential circular economy impact

This solution has economic, social and environmental benefits. By selling surplus products, it reduces the amount of food in landfill or incineration. Members of the community also have access to programmes to support their personal and professional development. Meanwhile, businesses can make a profit from food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

What’s involved?

People: Shop manager; shop staff; community members; company shop group members; businesses with surplus food.

Resources: Retail space; surplus food.

Implementation: Evaluating and contacting local surplus food suppliers; delivery logistics; opening a shop.  

More information

Company Shop Website