Crown Workspace

Solution: Renewing furniture. Owner: Crown Workspace. Strategy: Repair and refurbish.

Office and desks


Using their Renew Centre, Crown Workspace transforms old office furniture for reuse. This includes repair, cleaning and re-upholstering services.

Refurbished items are then re-sold or donated to charity via the Giving Back Project.


United Kingdom.


In five years, Crown Workspace has remanufactured and refurbished over 30,000 desks.

Potential circular economy impact

Crown Workspace has diverted around 890 tonnes of furniture from landfill. As well as increasing the furniture's lifespan, it has prevented approximately 1,900 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted.

What’s involved?

People: Sales Manager; furniture specialists; repair technicians.

Resources: Office furniture; warehouse; equipment for repairs, cleaning and refurbishment.

Technology: Machinery used for repairs.

Implementation: Furniture assessment; furniture repairs and refurbishments; returning or re-selling furniture.

More information

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