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Solution: Compost training for families.   Owner: Centre Morbihan Communauté.   Strategy: Prevention; reuse.

Shovel moving compost


Selected families can sign up to the programme for six months. They join professionals to set up compost bins in their own gardens. They are also trained to use green waste locally.

This training reduces the need for frequent local waste collection. It also minimises household visits to the local recycling centre.


Centre Morbihan Communauté, Brittany


Over 42,000 residents engaged

Potential circular economy impact

Composting turns organic waste into useful materials. It can also lower greenhouse gas emissions and divert waste from landfill or incineration. The compost created benefits garden soil.

By using waste in their garden, families reduce the number of visits to the recycling centre. This reduces fuel consumption and associated emissions.

What’s involved?

People: Composting experts; families  

Resources: Garden space

Technology: Compost bin

Implementation: Monthly composting workshops; marketing and communications  

More information

Centre Morbihan Communauté website