Solution: Platform to buy and sell construction material. Owner: Enviromate. Circular Strategy: Reuse.

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The UK construction industry is responsible for 32% of all landfill waste. Enviromate provides a solution, by leading a closed loop marketplace that connects consumers to the resources they require or wish to sell through the marketplace. The solution encourages the circular economy, where reusable materials are kept out of the waste stream where value is not destroyed; instead, it is preserved. 


London, UK.

Potential circular economy impact

The solution accelerates the reuse of surplus and leftover building materials. It encourages sharing and upcycling of construction materials, whilst reducing the impact the industry has on the environment. The solution also reduces the need to extract and use new resources, instead of disposing material that could end up in landfill, increases the product lifecycle, which all contribute to enable the transition to a circular economy.

What’s involved?

People: Website developer and manager to build the platform; someone to monitor the material that can and can’t be sold; partnership manager to organise agreements with delivery partners.

Resources: Vans for transport.

Technology: Website with user interface for the buyer and for the seller; phone app; a system to process the images and information sent by the buyers and sellers.

Implementation: Build the website or platform; create a step-by-step process for users to buy and sell material; evaluate a way to organise collection and delivery either between the buyer and seller or through the delivery partner.

More information

Enviromate website