Essex Climate Action Commission

Solution: Information and ideas on how to achieve net zeroOwner: Essex Climate Action Commission. Circular Strategy: Reduce.

Man and boy planting a tree


The Essex Climate Action Commission (ECAC) was set up to advise about tackling climate change, identifying ways in which we can mitigate the effects of climate change, improve air quality, reduce waste across Essex and increase the amount of green infrastructure and biodiversity in the county, while also exploring how to attract investment in natural capital and low carbon growth.

Three ECAC advice packs have been specifically designed for a different target group; businesses, schools, and individuals. With guidance, tips, and information to help these groups reduce the impacts on the environment and to help improve long-term sustainability across Essex.





Potential circular economy impact

Offering residents, schools, and businesses a variety of cost-effective, achievable, and advantageous solutions and ideas, on becoming net zero by 2050.

What’s involved?

People: Subject matter experts; designers; members of the ECAC.

Resources: Online, with promotion through various events and publications.

Technology: Website.

Implementation: Free information via website.

More information

Essex Climate Action Commission website