Essex Forest Initiative – Mulch

Solution: Redesign; to provide protection and nutrients to newly planted trees. Owner: Essex Forest InitiativeCircular Strategy: Redesign.

Tree mulch


This project uses recycled compost as mulch around newly planted trees in Essex, providing nutrients and protection from harsh weather. This is an alternative to the industry standard where herbicide chemicals build up in soils, causing damage to the wider ecosystem.




Planting 375,000 trees over 150 hectares of land.

Potential circular economy impact

Using mulch compared to the herbicide chemicals, improves soil quality, provides increased protection for harsh weather, and reduces carbon emissions and footprints from chemical production.

What’s involved?

People: Staff and volunteers for planting; landowners; planting partners.

Resources: Wheelbarrows; land use; mulch; recycled compost.

Technology: Social media; Citizen Space to recruit volunteers.

Implementation: Recycled compost.

More information

The Essex Forest Initiative website