Groupe Brangeon

Solution: Bi-flow collection. Owner: Groupe Brangeon. Circular Strategy: Recycle.

Food waste


The bi-flow principle for collecting biowaste from both homes and professional premises, using bi-flow trucks that compartmentalise residual household waste (RHW) and bio-waste. Bi-flow bins are used for door-to-door collection.


13 Rue du Mottais
5770 Vern sur Seiche


Potential circular economy impact

Introducing sorting bio-waste in this way could allow it to be recovered and utilised in the form of energy or matter and at the same time reduce the energy used to make separate collections.

What’s involved?

People: Local authorities and users.

Technology: Collection truck with two separate waste compartments for the simultaneous collection of bio-waste and RHW or bio-waste and selective sorting; adapted bi-flow rubbish bins.

Implementation: Obtain bi-flow trucks; raising the awareness of the public about implementing the solution; equip the population with bi-flow rubbish bins; training professionals in the municipality waste sector with a focus on applying the process.

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