Solution: Website for repair knowledge sharing. Owner: iFixIt. Strategy: Repair.

Mobile phone in stand


iFixIt is a global repair community. Technicians and volunteers share manuals to enable individuals to repair devices instead of discarding them. The organisation also sells spare parts and repair tools.


Worldwide online.


Medium-sized business offering more than 80,000 repair manuals.

Potential circular economy impact

Repair manuals and image guides help people to increase the lifespan of their products. iFixIt believes recycling should be the last option and that people should repair rather than replace.

What’s involved?

People: Repair technicians and volunteers; website management; staff to order parts and tools.  

Resources: Delivery vehicles; storage space; warehouse.

Technology: Website; tools and equipment.

Implementation: Tools and parts delivery; build and maintain website; oversee orders and distribution.

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