La Collecterie

Solution: Second-hand furniture. Owner: La Collecterie. Strategy: Reuse.

A room with furniture in


La Collecterie collects items in need of repair and headed for scrap. They then upcycle these items to optimise aesthetics and value. Items not sold are either donated  or recycled. La Collecterie also helps to upskill people in recovery workshops.


Montreuil, France.


Two workspaces covering 1285 m² receive around 1,680kg worth of items every day.

Potential circular economy impact

La Collecterie prolongs the lifespan of furniture via upholstery and upcycling. This decreases waste and the demand for new furniture. The training aspect also boosts CVs and encourages knowledge sharing.

What’s involved?

People: Sorting and store staff; carpenter; upholsterer.

Resources: Truck for collections; furniture; storage space; tools for repairs and refurbishment; selling space.

Technology: Website.

Implementation: Acquire space to stock and sell the furniture; organise a collection system; sort the furniture; upcycle the furniture; sell the furniture.

More information

La Collecterie website