La Textilerie

Solution: Clothing repair workshop. Owner: La Textilerie. Strategy: Repair.

Zoomed in on needle of a sewing machine.


This community space offers workshops and four-month courses. In these sessions, participants learn how to sew and make clothes. There are four course levels, ranging from absolute beginner to advanced.

La Textilerie also offers access to machinery and guidance on repairing clothes.


Paris, France.


The workshop space is 103 .

Potential circular economy impact

The initiative aims to change behaviour towards damaged clothing. It encourages participants to fix clothes rather than throwing them away. This extends the lifespan of the clothes.

What’s involved?

People: Staff for workshops; sewing experts; workshop attendees

Resources: Sewing machine; other relevant equipment; fabrics; workshop space

Technology: Textile machinery and equipment; online booking platform

Implementation: Setting up bookable workshops; running workshops

More information

La Textilerie Website