Les Biens en Commun

Solution: Library of things for flats.   Owner: Les Biens en Commun.    Strategy: Reuse of appliances.

Man holding hover in front of lockers


A mini library of things operating from lockers installed at the entrance of a flat block. Residents can rent small electrical appliances at a low cost for a set period of time. The service also includes the maintenance, repair and addition/removal of appliances according to demand.

Users register on an online portal, reserve an item and collect it using a QR code. The lockers have a digital interface that allows for collection and return.


The project is currently being piloted in student accommodation in Lyon, France. The organisers will look to roll this out to other flats and their residents.


There is currently one locker with 23 compartments of different sizes.

The project aims to serve 25 residences  not limited to student housing  by the end of 2022.

Potential circular economy impact

This solution enables residents to access typically expensive appliances at a low cost. Sharing items also removes the need to buy new appliances, thereby reducing the footprint of the building and its residents. The scheme also includes repair and maintenance, ensuring items are not thrown away if they break.

What's involved?

People: Installation crew; software engineers; maintenance and repair people.

Resources: Smart locker; electrical appliances to rent; space in the flat blog.

Technology: Smart locker; user interface; software layers.

Implementation: 15 days for smart locker evaluation, procurement and installation; eight days for troubleshooting maintenance and repair; five days to evaluate effectiveness; 50 days to integrate software layers.

More information

Les Biens en Commun website.