Lighthouse Furniture

Solution: Second-hand furnitureOwner: Lighthouse furniture. Strategy: Reuse.

Two comfy chairs


Lighthouse Furniture sells used donated furniture and electrical appliances. It uses proceeds for transport, logistics and operations.

The shop operates a two-tier pricing system. Those on income-based benefits can access essential items at a reduced cost.

Lighthouse Furniture also offers free collection.


Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom.


2,000+ people helped each year by providing access to low-cost furniture.

Potential circular economy impact

Lighthouse Furniture prevents the disposal or recycling of items. Each year, it diverts 400 tonnes of furniture and appliances from waste. This reduces the pressure on landfills and minimises greenhouse gas emissions. By encouraging product reuse, the solution also prolongs products’ lifespans.

What’s involved?

People: Store staff; collection team; administration team.

Resources: Storage space; shop; donated items.

Technology: Website or social media page.

Implementation: Establish donation system; acquire storage and shop space.

More information

Lighthouse Furniture Website