Solution: Reusable packaging. Owner: Loop. Strategy: Refill.

A series of food, drink and household items in reusable containers with a branded Loop box in the background


Customers pay a deposit to buy branded products in refillable and reusable packaging. Once the container is empty, it can be returned to a designated location. The packaging is then scanned and the deposit is refunded to the consumer.

Loop takes care of collecting and cleaning the empty packaging for refill. It is then returned to the manufacturer to be refilled and returned to the store.

Loop now operates in Tesco supermarkets in the East of England. They can also be found in a limited number of Carrefour supermarkets in France 


Across the UK and France


The solution targets supermarket customers. The scale therefore depends on the footfall of the supermarket and the percentage of items in the supermarket that are refilled using Loop.

As of 2030, French supermarkets are required by law to dedicate 20% of their floor space to refill stations and refillable packaging.

Potential circular economy impact

This solution aims to reduce single-use plastic for food items. It also reduces the amount of packaging not recycled properly or at all. 

This solution is convenient for users, as it is integrated in existing supermarkets.

What’s involved?

People: Loop staff; supermarket staff.

Resources: Refillable packaging; cleaning systems; packaging inspection systems.

Technology: An app and QR code or in-store system to manage deposits and returns;  cleaning system for empty packaging.

Implementation: Scaling this solution to more supermarkets; establishing agreement between Loop and supermarkets.

More information

Loop Website