Love Food Hate Waste

Solution: A platform to share tips on reducing food waste.   Owner: WRAP   Strategy: Prevent.

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Created by UK charity WRAP, Love Food Hate Waste raises awareness of the importance of reducing food waste. The platform shares tips on how to properly store food to ensure produce lasts as long as possible. It also provides recipes and tips for using leftover food.


UK website available in English and Welsh



Potential circular economy impact

Love Food Hate Waste highlights the damaging impact of household food waste. The platform encourages food waste reduction and prevention. By encouraging behaviour change, it reduces the amount of food waste being sent to landfill or incineration.

By encouraging the use of leftover and surplus food, the platform also helps residents to save money.

What’s involved?

People: Content writers; website developers and designers; communications experts; website users.

Resources: Website content.

Technology: Internet access.

Implementation: Promotion.

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Love Food Hate Waste