Love Your Period

Solution: Reusable period products. Owner: Love Essex. Circular Strategy: Reuse.

Reusable period products


Love Your Period encouraged residents to switch to reusable period products, to help reduce their waste, carbon footprint and save money. Essex County Council's Love Essex shared information on reusable period products and offered over 600 residents a £15 voucher to help them switch to reusable period products. To get the voucher residents needed to pledge to reduce their use of disposable period products.




1,462 residents pledged to switch to reusable period products for either “all” or “some of the time”.

Potential circular economy impact

  • Reduce waste – based on the pledges it is estimated up to c.418,132 disposable period products will be prevented from being thrown away or flushed in Essex every year.
  • Reduced carbon footprint by c.7,748kg.
  • Reached 132,121 people via content shared on social media.

What’s involved?

People: Staff for logistics; marketing; and social media engagement.  

Resources: Earthwise Girls for vouchers; website catalogue of products and dispatched products; Love Essex website and social media for promotion.

Technology: Website; colleague to send email with link to website and voucher codes and monitor surveys.

Implementation: Sing the pledge, receive voucher, order reusable period products, use and reuse.  

More information

Love Essex website