Magasin des Matières

Solution: Upcycling DIY Store. Owner: La Matière. Circular Strategy: Reuse.

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Magasin des Matière, a DIY store, collects and sells materials intended to be discarded but are still recoverable, to repurpose them for sale at a low price.

These materials are sold to anyone who wants to undertake a personal DIY project or for professional purposes. Because of the limited availability of material, the shop operates on a membership basis. Carpenters can also alter the material to best suit the customer’s needs (cutting and sanding for example). The store also raises awareness about the reuse of materials by doing-it-yourself with DIY upcycling workshops.


Périgny, France.


The company has around twenty employees and one store.

Potential circular economy impact

This solution diverts wood waste and other material from being treated or disposed in landfill or incineration. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions that could have been emitted from those activities. By reselling the material, the company encourages product reuse and prolongs the life of the material.

What’s involved?

People: Carpenter; sales staff; collection team.

Resources: Wood material, other type of material that could be reused; trucks for collection of the material; workshop and space for the handling and sale of the material.

Technology: Website for users; machinery for wood cutting and similar processes.

Implementation: Establish an agreement with a sorting centre/facility that collects wood waste; collect wood and other material; set-up a space for the sale of the material; organise the sales to anyone or organise a membership scheme.

More information

Magasin des Matières website