Solution: Upcycling furniture company. Owner: Maximum. Circular Strategy: Recycling.

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Maximum collects leftover industrial material from factories across France. This includes scraps, pre-series, misfires, leftover parts, purges, downgrades, and surpluses. The materials are then transformed into high quality furniture sold around France and the world.


Ivry-sur-Seine, France.


Sales in twelve stores globally.

Potential circular economy impact

The organisation sources leftover industrial material which would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated. The finished products are guaranteed for life. All the products are made in France from materials sourced in France which reduces imports of materials.

What’s involved?

People: Staff to manage website, orders, and deliveries. Designers and craftspeople to transform otherwise waste material into functioning objects. Staff responsible for collection of waste from factories.

Resources: Industrial waste material, machinery and tools used to make the products, trucks for collection and delivery, packaging material, warehouse for storage and production.

Technology: Website for the sale of products and for users to view and order various new products. Machinery for manufacturing of furniture.

Implementation: Agreement with factories that are willing to sell or give their waste. Organise collection of industrial waste. Experts to design and create furniture. Organise the sale and delivery of the products.

More information

Maximum website