Solution: Textile recycling technology. Owner: Métisse®. Strategy: Recycling.

White and beige cardigans and jumpers hanging on a railing.


Inno-Therm®/Métisse® insulation is made from cotton textiles from clothing banks. It also uses textiles from shops that are no longer reusable or sellable.

Cotton textiles are frayed into fibres that are then compressed. Materials are then treated and processed into insulation rolls for sale.

The insulation is made from 85% recycled cotton and is available in several thicknesses. It can be used for walls, partitions, attic slopes or attic floors. It is light and quick to install.


Manufactured in France and available in both France and the UK.


This solution has diverted approximately two million pieces of cotton clothing from incineration.

Potential circular economy impact

Inno-Therm®/Métisse® insulation has very limited waste losses during its life cycle. Manufacturing and cutting waste is also recycled.

What’s involved?

People: Clothing collectors; textile processors/recyclers; insulation experts; laboratories; insulation users.

Resources: Textile fibres; polyester binder.

Technology: Machinery for clothing separation; machinery for fraying and baling; compression and production machinery; logistics equipment.

Implementation: Collecting textiles; sorting clothes; material transformation; quality control; sales and marketing.  

More information

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