Solution: Shop that sells surplus construction material. Owner: Minéka. Circular Strategy: Reuse or repurpose.

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Minéka collects construction material that has been discontinued, overproduced, or deconstructed. They then resell the material to the built and public work sector, and to individuals. Half of their material comes from unused surplus and the other half is used material.


Rue de la Poudrette, Villeurbanne, France.


Small business.

Potential circular economy impact

This solution diverts construction material from landfill. Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases from these activities. The material can be reused by the construction sector and by any other company or individual. This reduces the need to extract raw material for construction.

What’s involved?

People: Collection team; carpenter; craftspeople; builders that can handle the material; delivery team.

Resources: Construction material; warehouse for storage; trucks and vehicles for the collection of the material.

Technology: Any machinery that is needed for the cleaning and treatment of the material to improve it for sales.

Implementation: Organising a collection system from construction companies or other companies; collecting the material; sorting, grading, and storing the material in a warehouse; creating a catalogue and organising sales.

More information

Minéka website