Solution: Packaging for shipping. Owner: Packoorang. Strategy: Reuse.

Hand squishing plastic bottle


Packoorang creates packaging made from recycled bottles. It is designed to be reused over 100 times utilising reverse logistics approaches.

Packoorang provides durable weather-proof bags instead of cardboard boxes and plastic fillers. The bags can be collected and cleaned in between uses. Packoorang also offers a durable alternative to single-use shrink wrap called Palloorang.


Packoorang originated in Oslo and is now available in the UK, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands and Australia.



Potential circular economy impact

This solution replaces single-use materials and encourages other innovators to rethink packaging. Bags can be reused up to 100 times before being repaired and/or recycled.

Packoorang services are tech-enabled and integrate with existing point of sale and e-commerce services.

What’s involved?

People: Product creators; logistics experts; employees to take back and repair items.

Resources: Recycled packaging; collection vehicles; sorting and cleaning facilities.

Technology: Online system to manage returns.

Implementation: Brand agreements; shipping the packaging; organising returns; sorting and cleaning used packaging.

More information

Packoorang Website