Solution: Office supplies made from agricultural and green waste.   Owner: PaperWise.   Strategy: Reuse; recycle.

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PaperWise uses agricultural and green waste to produce office supplies and packaging. Their products are made from 50-100% green waste. Items are fully recyclable and will decompose at the end of their life.


Run from the Netherlands with papermills operating in Asia and South America.


Products supplied to private and public sector. PaperWise also works with schools, the packaging industry, printers, processes and wholesalers.

Potential circular economy impact

This reduces the amount of agricultural waste being sent to landfill. It also provides farmers with another revenue stream.

By using waste to make paper, PaperWise helps to reduce deforestation. This maximises carbon sequestration and oxygen production.

What’s involved?

People: Agricultural collectives; garden waste providers  

Resources: Green and agricultural waste; processing plant

Technology: Papermill technology

Implementation: Finding papermakers capable of processing green and agricultural waste

More information

PaperWise website