Pousse Pousse

Solution: Zero-waste lifestyle boxes. Owner: Pousse Pousse. Strategy: Prevent.

Bathroom shelf displaying zero-waste items


Pousse Pousse sells zero-waste subscription boxes. These are filled with sustainable household and personal products. They also contain DIY guides to make your own products. Boxes are sent each month and each has a different theme.


Available across France.


20,000 boxes sent since 2018.

Potential circular economy impact

This solution encourages consumers to swap to zero-waste products. Pousse Pousse also urges customers to make their own household and personal items.

Switching to zero-waste products reduces the need for wasteful packaging.  

What’s involved?

People: Box preparers and curators; customers.

Resources: Packaging-free products; warehouse spaces; logistics and shipping.

Technology: Online platform for sales.

Implementation: Supplier acquisition and management; subscription management; sales management; packaging and posting.

More information

Pousse Pousse website