Solution: Biowaste collection. Owner: Recybio. Circular Strategy: Recycle.

Food waste


An organisation offering to collect the biowaste produced by any type of organisation via an on-demand intervention or subscription.  

Standard procedure: biowaste audit, storage unit type proposal, awareness-raising or signage equipment, collection, unit cleaning, biological (compost, fertilizer) or energy (electricity, heat) recovery.


44 RTE Industrielle de la Hardt
7120 Molsheim



Adaptable according to the waste stocks to be collected/processed and the specific conditions.

Potential circular economy impact

Assists with the sorting at source of biowaste, for recovery in the form of energy (biogas) and matter (compost, digestate).

What’s involved?

People: Local authorities.

Resources: Catalogue of data accumulated about the collection of biowaste to date.

Technology: Organisation set up, all the necessary investigations and procedures.

Implementation: Purchase of dedicated rubbish bins; raise the awareness of the public about implementing the solution; raise awareness of biowaste among stakeholders; inform the stakeholders involved about the raw material waste stocks; initiate and/or look into measures relating to the implementation of energy recovery in a region.

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