Solution: Accessories made out of waste. Owner: RECYCLEDVEGANandTuC. Strategy: Reuse and repurpose.

Blue and yellow life jackets hanging on a railing on a beach.


The organisation makes accessories from redundant and surplus materials. Accessories include wallets, bags and belts. These are made from products and materials such as inner tubes, life jackets and fire hoses.


Lincoln, England


Each year, RECYCLEDVEGANandTuC recovers the following:

  • 700kg inner tubes
  • 18 full firehoses
  • 30 full-sized life jackets
  • 30 metres of lorry curtain offcuts
  • 15 inflatables
  • 25 worn and damaged wetsuits

Potential circular economy impact

This solution turns disused materials into new products. It targets waste streams with no obvious secondary uses.

RECYCLEDVEGANandTuC encourages consumers to consider what they purchase and how they dispose of redundant items. Consumers are made aware of the value of repurposed materials. They are also encouraged to identify outlets that enable reuse.

What’s involved?

People: Artists/makers; consumers

Resources: Redundant, surplus or disused materials

Technology: Textile equipment such as scissors, cutters, brushers and sewing machine

Implementation: Cutting and extracting materials; cleaning materials; creating new items; listing new items; promoting service; shipping items.

More information

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