ReFurniture by Casala

Solution: Furniture take-back programme. Owner: Casala. Strategy: Remanufacture.

Room with furniture


Casala remanufactures its own furniture and items from other brands. The process ensures all remanufactured items are as-new.

As a furniture design company, it also uses design approaches to create new styles from old stock. Furthermore, Casala uses high-quality recycled plastic parts in its processes.


Dutch company with London showroom.


Showrooms in four countries.

Potential circular economy impact

Casala has created a circular economy market for remanufactured furniture. It extends the lifespan of high-value furniture for a high-end audience.

What’s involved?

People: Design team; remanufacturing experts.

Resources: Furniture; remanufacturing tools; workshop space; cleaning equipment; showroom space.

Technology: Website; design software.

Implementation: Organising take-back scheme; organising collection and delivery; setting up remanufacturing line; setting up showroom.

More information

Casala - ReFurniture Website