Repair Café

Solution: Repairing a range of items. Owner: Repair Café international. Strategy: Repair.



Repair cafés offer free or low-cost repairs for broken and defective devices. Volunteers also teach individuals how to repair items themselves.

The Repair Café International Association supports over 2,200 sites around the world. The association aims to create a sustainable community, encourage material reuse and change throwaway mindsets.


Over 2,200 repair cafés across the world, including France, the UK, USA, India and Japan.


33,000 volunteers repair 40,000 items per month.

Potential circular economy impact

The association aims to extend the lifespan of products, including clothing, furniture and electrical appliance. Volunteers discourage a throwaway culture and encourage material reuse.

What’s involved?

People: Repair volunteers.

Resources: A physical space; repair tools.

Technology: Website.

Implementation: Find a physical space; recruit volunteers; build a website and social media platforms; organise repair café events.

More information

Repair Café website