Rype Office

Solution: Remanufactured office furniture. Owner: Rype Office. Strategy: Remanufacture.



This company restores high-quality used furniture to as-new condition. They also make innovative furniture from leftover waste components. Rype sources and remanufactures many popular brands, including Herman Miller, Vitra and Steelcase.


United Kingdom.


Small business.

Potential circular economy impact

This solution increases the lifespan of the furniture and keeps it “in the loop” for as long as possible.

What’s involved?

People: Refurbishment specialists; furniture designers; installation and delivery teams.

Resources: Furniture; space and tools.

Technology: Website to process purchases and to promote the solution.

Implementation: Source furniture to refurbish; refurbish and repair; organise delivery; set-up for the client.

More information

Rype Office Website