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Solution: A library of things. Owner: Share Oxford. Circular Strategy: Reuse.

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Share Oxford encourages residents to borrow items, instead of using products once and then storing or disposing of them. The library of things concept is combined with a repair café to keep products in use for as long as possible.

Users can browse the Share Oxford online catalogue to find items they need. Customers check availability and reserve the item online.  


Oxford, UK.


Over 600 items for loan.

Potential circular economy impact

Share Oxford encourages residents to move away from buying unnecessary items and borrow them instead. This reduces waste from items used once and then thrown away.

Items in the library can be used by multiple residents instead of one owner. This means fewer items need to be produced in the first place.

What’s involved?

People: Staff to run the service and maintain the website.

Resources: Donated and/or purchased items; repair/maintenance equipment.

Technology: Online booking system.

Implementation: Recruit staff; maintain/repair items; manage the website; manage borrows and returns.

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