Slim my Waste – Feed my Face

Solution: Food waste recycling campaign.   Owner: Bristol waste company.   Strategy: Recycling.

Four half-peeled bananas Description

This behavioural change campaign asked residents to put their food waste into their separate brown caddy. They were discouraged from putting food waste into the black wheelie bin.




Thousands of households across Bristol.

Potential circular economy impact

The Bristol-wide result was a 16% increase in the amount of food recycling collected in the month following the campaign launch. Within ten weeks, a total of 174.3 tonnes of CO2 were saved by diverting organic waste from landfill. In one year, the biogas created from the anaerobic digestion of the collected food waste was enough to power 180 households for a year.

The playful nature of the campaign engaged residents and helped to improve recycling of other materials. The city also saw an increase in the number of requests for food bins and green recycling boxed. The campaign has been followed-up with the #StopBinDigestion campaign.

What’s involved?

People: Campaign manager; residents; council collection services.

Resources: Bins; posters.

Technology: Trucks; anaerobic digestion or composting facility.

Implementation: Evaluating the need for the campaign; preparing communications materials; providing residents with bins   

More information

Bristol Waste Company website