Smarter Uniforms

Solution: A market for second-hand school uniforms. Owner: Smarter Uniforms. Strategy: Reuse.

Arial view of kids in school uniform playing "rock, paper, scissors"


School uniforms are collected in schools and libraries across Brighton & Hove. Smarter Uniform resells them for a lower price than the cost of a new uniform. The money collected is given to Smarter Uniforms partner schools.


Brighton, England


Schools in and around Brighton & Hove.

Potential circular economy impact

School uniforms are quickly outgrown, which means they are usually discarded before they have been worn out. This initiative solves this environmental issue by diverting uniforms from landfill and incineration. It also helps parents save money by providing high-quality uniforms at a cheaper price.

What’s involved?

People: School parents; children; clothes sorters; shop staff; admin staff; marketing and promotion experts.

Resources: School uniforms from various schools.

Technology: An online website for online sales.

Implementation: Setting up donation points; sorting uniforms; setting up online/in-person sales point.

More information

Smarter Uniforms Website