Spruce Carpets

Solution: A store for used carpet tiles. Owner: Spruce Carpets. Strategy: Reuse.

Colourful rugs


The company enables reuse of carpet and carpet tiles. Spruce Carpet sells carpet materials removed from offices at a reduced price. The materials are reclaimed, cleaned and sorted into grades. The company then prices them or offers the materials for free.

If carpets are worn and torn, they are turned into tiles to enable higher reuse rates. Spruce Carpets also upcycles unused carpet remnants from the reclaiming process. These are turned into showroom rugs, runners and doormats.

The organisation also provides training and volunteering opportunities for people who have been excluded from the labour market.


Glasgow, Scotland


  • Up to 50 employees
  • 70 volunteers
  • Reclaims and reuses over 100 tonnes of carpet material per year
  • 90% carpet reuse rate

Potential circular economy impact

Reusing carpets reduces the amount of material sent to landfill. By selling carpets at a lower price, more members of the community can access flooring services. Staff and volunteers also have access to training and employment opportunities.  

What’s involved?

People: Drivers; warehouse operatives; cleaners; processers; showroom employees.

Resources: Carpet tiles; warehouse; showroom.

Technology: N/A

Implementation: Establishing relationship with offices; cleaning; processing; grading; pricing; training.

More information

Spruce Carpets Website